is owned and operated by Technovators Marketing Limited, a company based in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last twenty-two years, the company has become a well-known provider of corporate training services. Our online presence now provides a platform where event organizers can promote and showcase their products and allow patrons to book or purchase tickets for those events. The process is very simple. Visitors can browse information provided about various events and register for those events in a few simple steps.

Events that will be advertised and promoted on our site include: online and offline training workshops, courses, concerts, product webinars, sporting events, exhibitions, festivals, and much more. TML Business Services is most known for its training workshops. Our website now provides an end to end avenue for our clients to book courses and log in to attend events that are online. Our users can also register for our offline public workshops on the site. If there is an area of training that is not available in our catalog, you can contact us to request it. The site also includes a store that makes our training material available for purchase. In addition, product manufacturers and distributors can utilize our services to reach niche audiences through our webinar services. offers event organizers several advantages. One of the major challenges any promoter faces is in ensuring that the public patronize their events. Promotional costs can be very high and can unless sponsors are found, finding cash to meet upfront expenses can be very daunting. Our platform will assist in finding patrons  at no upfront cost. Our fees are all results based.

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