Are You An Entrepreneur?


Are You Ready To Become An Entrepreneur?

This quiz measures your readiness to become an entrepreneur. There are no right or wrong answers. You are only required to conduct an honest assessment of your situation.

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Do you think you are ready to start a business?

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Do you think you have the basic skills required to run a business?

3 / 12

Do you consider yourself a decision maker?

4 / 12

Do you consider yourself a risk taker?

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Do you have support for your business venture from family and friends?

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Do you have experience in working in this type of business?

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Have you received any training in small business development?

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Are you comfortable competing with others?

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Do you consider yourself to be a self-driven person who is capable of setting your own goals and achieving them?

10 / 12

Are you capable of working very long hours and for seven days a week if that is required to succeed?

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Will you be able to survive on a reduced income for a period of time in order to make your business successful?

12 / 12

Are you willing to use your savings in order to get the business going?

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The average score is 69%



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